Colombia | Decaf Swiss water

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Process: Swiss water

Cup Profile: Honeycomb, marzipan, caramelized sugar

Background info:

Last time out we launched our first decaf carbon process, this time we have a new decaf swiss water process. 

We get really excited about our coffee offerings and find extra enjoyment in sharing something unfamiliar to you. So what is the Swiss Water process? This is a method of only using water to remove the coffee's caffeine content by means of diffusion. 

The green coffee is soaked in fresh hot water which allows the coffee beans to expand and become porous. It is then combined with GCE (Green coffee extract) which is a caffeine-free natural solution liquid. This liquid will allow the porous bean to leech out all the caffeine by means of diffusion thus leaving the coffee decaffeinated. 

This process takes over 10 hours but ensures a 99.9% success rate while allowing the coffee to retain its flavour components while stripping out the caffeine.