Cedar Variety Filter drip Sachet box

R 139
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We aim to make coffee more accessible and this product does exactly that. We don't all own brewing equipment but one thing we do own is a kettle. We introduce to you our Filter drip coffee sachets which only require boiling water. Find your brewing instructions at the back of the sachet, no fuss and easy to use. This is the perfect product for any occasion. Brew coffee anywhere and everywhere. 

The box contains a full coffee offering range of pre-ground coffees available in a 6 pack or 12 pack which will include two sachets of each coffee. 

15g x Nicaragua Buena Esperanza Washed

15g x Nicaragua Buena Esperanza CM

15g x Burundi Heza Natural

15g x Rwanda Shyira Washed

15g x Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Honey

15g x Colombia Zarza Thermal Shock


Explore what coffee could taste like. Let this allow you the opportunity to venture beyond instant coffee.