Cedar Milky Way Compostable Pods

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Our aim at Cedar has always been to make coffee more accessible; wanting everyone to drink better coffee. In order to do this we needed to explore all forms of coffee brewing. 

One such brewing we finally tapped into was coffee pods, it's been a long time coming but for good reason. We decided to work on this project with 4WKS to produce a 100% compostable coffee pod. We didn't want to make a pod just for the sake of it; we needed to understand the nuances of pod brewing and match it with a suitable coffee offering. 

So we decided on our Milky Way blend for its flavour profile and how well it holds up in pod brewing. There are 30 pods per box and they are compatible with Nespresso capsule machines as well as the premium Morning machines. We decided to go one step further and create a few recipes for you guys to use with our specific pods. Keep your eyes on our socials as we roll them out through the coming weeks.