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Farm/Producer: Akagera Processing Station

Region: Rwanda, Nyamasheke

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1750 masl

Variety: Red Bourbon 

Cup Profile: Sweet, stonefruit, apricot, blackberry finish

Background info:

Our second Rwandan offer but this time a natural process. We find it quite tasty and picked up some interesting stone fruit notes that remind us of apricots. 

This coffee is from the Akagera processing station. This was previously owned by a cooperative of farmers but has now become the processing station for 420 smallholding farmers since working with Baho Coffee in 2020

In an attempt to raise the quality of coffee produced by surrounding farmers, processing stations owned by Baho, Akagera in particular pay a better price to farmers and support those seeking to improve the quality of their harvest.

Akagera has become a training station for lead farmers to learn more about agriculture, soil conservation, water conservation, waste management, and more. Lead farmers would then share their knowledge with their neighbouring farmers, a concept introduced and implemented at all Baho processing stations. 

The coffee cherries are hand sorted and floated to check for density. They are then moved to raised beds where they are frequently raked to ensure there is even drying. The coffee goes through quite a long drying phase 52 days to be exact as it is believed that a slower drying phase ensures a longer lifespan of the coffee and a sweeter cup