Mexico Finca Muxbal

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Farm/Producer: Finca Muxbal

Region: Mexico, Union Juárez, Chiapas

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1500 masl

VarietyCatuaí, Caturra, Mundo Novo

Cup Profile:  Toffee, bran biscuit, muskat grape

Background info: 

This would be the first time we work with coffee from Mexico and hopefully not the last. We have always been about exploring different countries and showcasing unique attributes that contribute to the flavour in the cup.

The name Muxbal means "place surrounded by clouds" in their local language and is situated between two volcanos in southern Chiapas. The farms' unique location allows them the benefits of vast amounts of mineral content as well as a relatively flat growing surface.

All processing methods are done centrally on the farm, which has also allowed Jorge Gallardo owner of the farm to pilot a smallholder program with community farmers. Gallardo's intention is to buy parchment from community farmers and allow them to use his drying facilities to increase the value of their product thus allowing them to gain better prices for their coffee. 

This particular lot is rested in water for 24 hours before it is pulped and fermented for another 24 hours. They are then moved to raised beds where they are covered dried for 15 days