Ethiopia | Gesha Village Lot 22 / E-6

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R003: Gesha Village Lot 22/E-6

Region: Bench Maji 

Process: Semi Anaerobic Natural

Altitude: 1916-1982 masl

Variety: Illubabor Forest 1974

Cup profile: Papaya, Watermelon, Hibiscus tea finish

Background info:

This is the second lot we have sourced from this amazing farm which Winston has such a deep connection with. This time we ventured and explored a few other varieties found on this prestigious farm. 

Lot 22/E06 is a lot from the Gaylee block of the farm where an Ethiopian Heirloom varietal called Illubabor Forest 1974 is grown, a disease-resistant varietal. As the farm is known for its immaculate Gesha Varietals, this coffee shares a picture of the diversity of coffee on the farm which is partly why it was selected as one of the possible lots for Winston to use at WBC. 

The process is Natural Semi-Anaerobic, where freshly harvested coffee cherry is placed inside sacks with the top tightened. The sacks are covered with a double layer of plastic to limit the amount of oxygen exposure during fermentation. After 82 hours of fermentation the coffee is sun-dried for 11 days until a moist content of 11% is achieved.


As always with our special releases, this coffee will come as a box set with a brewing card and a few extra trinkets :)