Colombia Felix Samboni Pink Bourbon

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Farm/Producer: Felix Samboni

Region: Colombia, Huila

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1630 masl

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Cup Profile: Orange, Nectarine, Green Apple Finish

Background info: 

Don Felix has been producing coffees for over 40 years and through this passion,  started a small farm called El Diamante 30 years ago. He passed on his passion and knowledge for coffee to his daughters who went on to start farms of their own.

Interestingly our last Colombian coffees came from El Puente which is owned and run by his daughter Claudia Samboni and her husband Rodrigo Sanchez. Felix has normally worked part of their community of farmers, but this time out he has stepped into the limelight to showcase his hard work and the efforts of El Diamante's harvest.

This is our third coffee release from Felix Samboni, although we already have a washed Colombia from him, this one focuses more on the Pink Bourbon variety. This variety has produced an interesting cup profile similar to what you would expect from an African coffee

Our notes on the filter were clean, vibrant oranges and nectarines. A lot of citrus and stonefruit notes but somehow had this green apple finish. On milk, all those notes are toned down however, the acidity paired with milk does provide a note of baked cheesecake.