Colombia Finca Milan

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Farm/Producer: Julio Cesar Madrid

Region: Colombia, Risaralda

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1400 - 1600 masl

Variety: Castillo

Cup Profile: Red apple, lemonade, brazil nut, English toffee

Background info: 

Finca Milan is a farm with quite a long heritage. It was founded 40 years ago and passed down through the generations. Currently run by 3rd generation farmer Julio Madrid after his father Rafael passed on all his farming knowledge, Julio sought to change their traditional ways. He would combine his learning of traditional farming with innovative processing practices on Finca Milan offering a wider variety of coffees such as Naturals, Honeys, and even Cultured Coffees.

This time out we didn't venture into any experimental lots on this farm. The coffee we present to you is a washed processed Castillo. This coffee went through quite a long fermentation and drying process; 18hr aerobically fermented and then a 20 day drying process. Although this is a traditional washed coffee, the long fermentation and drying phase definitely added some complexity to the cup.

We picked up red apple notes with quite the unusual lemonade taste which would describe the acidity coming through. Espresso was hard to really nail flavour notes on where we picked up more on the texture of the drink, bright acidity and subtle notes of brazil nuts. The milk beverage was the stand out with high sweetness and notes of English Toffee.