Colombia La Rivera Tekisic CM

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Farm/Producer: Julio Madrid

Region: Colombia, La Estrella, Risaralda

Process: Washed Carbonic Maceration

Altitude: 1700 masl

Variety: Tekisic Bourbon

Cup Profile: Peach, raspberry, candied pineapple, gingerbread

Background info: 

This year has been a stand out year for Colombian coffees on the world stage and for good reason. You can't pinpoint a flavour profile of a Colombian coffee, they tend to evolve and differentiate through many factors.

Last year we brought you Finca Milan from Julio Madrid; a classic Colombian with notes of Apples and caramels topped with a vibrant acidity. 

This year we sticking with Julio but going the polar opposite of Finca Milan. Our next destination being La Rivera where he has grown a unique Cultivar that has undergone a Carbonic Maceration process.

Tekisic Bourbon is the Cultivar we highlighting; grown and developed by the research institute of El Salvador. These guys have been working on producing this Cultivar for over 30 years, by selecting the best Bourbon plants and combining them to create this new "super bourbon".

We cupped this lot the beginning of the year without prior knowledge of what to expect. Fortunately we have amazing partners in Sabores that we can trust.

We picked up all kinds of wild notes; peach raspberry, candied pineapple. This was due to the unique harmony of the Cultivar and process, nothing out of place. On milk this all filters out and we picked up a dominant note of gingerbread biscuits.