Burundi LM Ninga Honey

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Farm/Producer:  Ninga washing station

Region: Burundi, Kayanza 

Process: Honey 

Altitude: 1800 - 2000 masl

Variety: Bourbon Heirloom

Cup Profile: Herbal tea, sour fig, orange, digestive biscuit

Background info: 

Our last release for the year comes from the coffee project started in Burundi by Long Miles Coffee. Long Miles Coffee was born from the idea of being the link between roasters wanting consistently high-quality coffee and local farmers being looked after and paid fairly. Ben and Kirsty Carlson embarked on this journey in 2011 and from working with 50 farmers in the beginning has now risen to 5500 coffee farming families.

We have decided to showcase three lots of theirs, each lot comes from a different washing station, slightly different terroir, and different processing method. In this way you are able to experience a range of what Long Miles Burundi has to offer. It's also a fun way of tasting how processing methods alter the taste profile. 

Second one up is a honey processed Burundi from the Ninga washing station situated across the two rivers splitting this washing station from Bukeye. This process removes the cherry but still allows the mucilage to remain on the bean for an extended period.

This was quite a tricky coffee to figure out, we got notes of herbal tea and citrus specifically orange on filter. We also picked up sour figs on espresso with lots of texture and a bright finish. On milk we picked up notes of semi-sweet biscuits specifically Mcvites digestive biscuits.