Brazil Das Almas

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Farm/Producer: Adriano Muniz

Region: Brazil, Cabo Verde, South of Minas

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Altitude: 950 - 1000 masl

Variety: Bourbon

Cup Profile: Musk sweets, marzipan, light blueberry

Background info: 

Das Almas is quite an old farm that has been run by the Muniz family since 1942 and it has definitely gone through many changes throughout the years. All for the better as the family has constantly strived to improve farming practices and facilities in order to uphold quality standards. 

This has also allowed for experimenting with different varieties grown as well as process methods. This particular lot is an anaerobic Bourbon natural. Our first Anaerobic natural for the year. In short, this process involves fermenting the coffee without oxygen present via pressurized sealed tanks. This processing method provides a unique flavour profile that is quite bold upfront.

We are always searching for a traditional Brazilian coffee that provides the familiar notes you would expect in coffee; nutty, milk chocolate, smooth mouthfeel. This coffee is the opposite of that with exotic notes of musk sweets and light blueberries. On milk it excels with a familiar note of marzipan and we definitely recommend trying this as a flat white.