Nicaragua Buena Esperanza CM Natural

R 219
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Farm/Producer:  Ramiro Ortiz

Region: Nicaragua, Matagalpa

Process:  Carbonic Maceration Natural

Altitude: 1100 - 1200 masl

Variety: Marsellesa

Cup Profile: Apple, blueberry, milky tea and honey

Background info: 

Some of you who have been following us from the beginning might notice this particular farm: Buena Esperanza. This was one of our first coffees that we launched back in 2021 so its a pleasure to bring this new lot back to the scene. A refresher here; Buena Esperanza Estate is the crown jewel of Rajuanse Estates, located in a privileged mountain valley in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. This is a family-owned and run farm headed by Ramiro Ortiz with the sole purpose of bringing this estate back to its former glory. 

This time we selected two lots from this farm to showcase Rajuanse's broad array of processing methods and varieties. This particular lot has grown the Marsellesa variety a high-yielding rust-resistant variety, a cross between Timor Hybrid and Villa Sarchi. This coffee has also undergone a Carbonic Macerated natural process. This is where the coffee cherries are fermented in an airtight container and flushed with CO2 and ferment in a temperature-controlled environment.

Through our tasting, we picked up lots of contrasting flavour notes. This particular process method normally dominates the inherent tasting notes of the terroir with overfermented fruity notes but this was not the case. Instead we were presented with notes of red apple, blueberries but not of an artificial kind, these were fresh fruit notes on filter. We picked up notes reminiscent of a combination of milky tea and honey on espresso and milk.