Nicaragua Buena Esperanza Washed

R 219
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Farm/Producer:  Ramiro Ortiz

Region: Nicaragua, Matagalpa

Process:  Washed

Altitude: 1100 - 1200 masl

Variety: Pacamara

Cup Profile: Mango, green grape, watermelon, honeycomb candy

Background info: 

Some of you that have been following us from the beginning might notice this particular farm: Buena Esperanza. This was one of our first coffees that we launched back in 2021 so its a pleasure to bring this new lot back to the scene. A refresher here; Buena Esperanza Estate is the crown jewel of Rajuanse Estates, located in a privilege mountain valley in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. This is a family owned and run farm headed by Ramiro Ortiz with the sole purpose of bringing this estate back to its former glory. 

Last time out we showcased their Naturally processed H1 variety. This time we sourced their Pacamara variety predominately grown in El Salvador where it frequently dominates Cup of Excellence competitions for its high cup quality. You will notice that these beans are quite large and originate from a cross between Pacas and Magarogipe.

Through our tasting we picked up lots of clean refreshing fruit notes, this variety produces quite a complexity of sweetness paired with vibrant acidity. Notes of mango, fresh watermelon fruit and green grape acidity on filter. Whereas the espresso based drinks brings out a concentrate of honeycomb candy sweetness.